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Tree for Jon Riehl

Planting of a dedication Dogwood tree for Jon Riehl at the request of our friends across the pond, the American sangha. Here we are chanting the transference of merit.

This tree was planted at Greenstreete in memory of Jon Riehl, a North American Samatha practitioner who died in August 2022 after a long and painful illness. Jon was a much-loved  member of the Samatha community. Prior to his illness, he had practiced with Nai Boonman both in the US and at Greenstreete. He died just as the 35 Year Anniversary of Greenstreete & Nai Boonman 90th birthday celebrations were coming to an end and shortly before the final transference of merit.

Scrapes and Ponds

looking very good and watery! (photo was taken before the storm)


Wherever water collects, it creates opportunities for life.

In the field near the wetlands area, the ponds and scrapes that were created this year have been collecting water.

These man-made, temporary sort of features will naturally dry up in some weathers, but are a valuable habitat for creatures such as invertebrates, wading birds and plants that like boggy conditions. 

We were not sure how well they would fill up, but as you can see here they are encouragingly holding the water for some time.

For further wetland conservation info:

…and looking even more watery now, after the storm…

Photo: David Armitage

News from our neighbours at Pentwyn

Pentwyn is just up the road from us. (To the left out of the main gate, and then turn right under the bridge.)

The farm there is being rewilded to provide a blueprint for more sustainable farming in Wales’s future.

Here is the latest newsletter from them, including who the newly appointed staff are, and the introduction of Tamworth pigs.

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust, October 2023 Newsletter

There is also a link there to sign up to get their newsletters if you are interested in keeping up with what is happening there.

Wetland Area Developments

This was the scene previously… little water soldiers all standing guard above the water, for as far as one could see.

And now…

The Water Soldier has been cleared from the pond! The amphibious vehicle did a marvellous job.

Not only that, but also…

Further work took place, with people getting properly stuck in (but not stuck in the mud) and now…

New ponds and scrapes have been made in the Wetlands field north of the river.

A Sandpiper has already been spotted feeding at one of the scrapes. 

Hedgehog on the Path

A hedgehog was encountered yesterday on the path by the new stupa site.

We tried to get a closeup but they (hedgehog pronoun=’they’) were a bit frightened.

I have cropped the images so you can see them better:

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