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Month: June 2024


Exciting news! We may have Otters on our Wetlands.

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust officers who have been surveying there for us think they have spotted signs of their activity.

We have agreed for them to put up motion sensor cameras in four locations – see photos. The cameras record a short video (around 5/10 seconds). A WT officer will check them after one month – camera trapping can sometimes be a long-term project, with otters sometimes not returning to sites for many months, but we hope to capture something soon.

(We have requested that all footage with humans in be deleted, which the WT will do. The cameras will be switched off for the upcoming Family Weekend.)

Near the pond platform that is out of use at the moment (camera points at the bank)
Near the pond (camera is on the Himalayan Birch tree, where the person is standing. Camera is pointing towards the pond)
On the river Lugg, near the ford (camera points at the water)
On the river Lugg, near the confluence (camera points at the water)

Let us know how you feel about the cameras.

And if you spot anything yourself, please let us know!

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