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Wetland Area Developments

This was the scene previously… little water soldiers all standing guard above the water, for as far as one could see.

And now…

The Water Soldier has been cleared from the pond! The amphibious vehicle did a marvellous job.

Not only that, but also…

Further work took place, with people getting properly stuck in (but not stuck in the mud) and now…

New ponds and scrapes have been made in the Wetlands field north of the river.

A Sandpiper has already been spotted feeding at one of the scrapes. 


  1. chris

    Wow, that was quick! Never seen a sandpiper at Greenstreete before! Auspicious beginning.

  2. Veronica

    Wonderful work and pictures . Clearing away clogged up weeds to create open space and free flowing water . Very Dhamma !

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